Students Helpdesk

Anti Ragging Committee

As per the decrees issued by the central government and JNTU Ragging in educational institution is a grave criminal offense. We at SSE takes a very serious view against this inhuman practice. The college has a functioning Anti Ragging Council which takes instant actions.No cases have been reported from our campus during the last two years.

Student Help Desk

The  help desk provides advices and help to students on academics, employment opportunities, information for higher education both in India and abroad  and render mentoring services. It also helps solve issues in the campus in an impartial, unbiased and non prejudiced manner. Students are welcome to approach the counselors any time and they are willingly  committed to be of help.

Contact Numbers

Mr Anil Kumar TN : 9100974538

Ms Prashanthi : 9100974519


  •  Mr.Vijayabhaskar Reddy  —  Chairman-SSE
  • Dr. Narayana Reddy           —  Group Director
  • Dr.A.Senthil Kumar            —  Convener
  • Dr.R.Kiranmayi                   —  Member (University Nominee)
  • Mr.Paul                                 —  Member (RISE Austria )
  • Dr.Chenna Reddy               —  Member USA
  • All HODS                              —  Member (SSE)

Womens’ Grievence cell – Suchetha

The Womens’ Grievence cell – Suchetha was established with the objective of dealing with the cases of offenses towards the lady community and to address their complaints. This forum helps the female students, and teaching and non teaching women staff . The cell processes the complaints quickly and take immediate action. The Cell will provide assistance to the Faculty/Colleges for taking preventive steps in the matter of gender discrimination. The cel also guarantees protection against victimization.