International Partner-RISE

International Partner-RISE

The Research Industrial Systems Engineering GmbH (RISE as in “sun-rise”) is an international IT consulting, software development and service company. RISE was created as a spin-off of the TU Vienna and concentrated exceptional “peopleware”. The key players of the team have gained more than 25 years experience in IT operations, software development and IT project management. RISE planned, managed and guided some of the most challenging IT projects in Austria and other countries, including the establishment of the Austrian e-card infrastructure (2.5 years implementation period, completed in time&budget). Another outstanding project was the first successful NFC-VDV implementation in Europe for mobilkom and ÖBB in 2005, the at that time biggest IT project in Europe with a 2 billion € total budget. Furthermore, RISE introduced a health and education network in Qatar and was involved in designing an eGovernement strategy for an African country.

Besides these challenges in the public sector, RISE was significantly involved in various industrial projects. However, the professional presentation of these projects is left to our customers and will not be used as a reference. The portfolio of our references ranges from the sectors of banking and finance, mobile communications, telecommunications, business information systems, enterprise IT, security and environmental topics over technological fields of software engineering, Web engineering, mobile engineering, usability engineering, interactive systems, IT security, test automation and network technology. Needless to say, as a company trained in “new technologies” we also build highly stressable prototypes in the field of HW with HW-close software and conduct the piloting of reference systems for large-scale projects that build upon. To provide an example, RISE developed card readers (hardware and software) for all medical practices in Austria. We have been maintaining the software of these more than 10.000 card readers for about 10 years.

Due to our skills, profile and portfolio, RISE has the experience and the know-how to step in at any time as a supplier of subsystems or as an R&D partner for the large European IT firms. Thus, RISE is a reliable partner either for the IT industry or for public authorities and takes responsibility for the overall integration, project management, project controlling, development of key components and fills critical gaps whenever needed.

RISE has a remarkable “track record” as a restructuring specialist and/ or fire department for rescuing large IT projects and provides long-term experience in reorganizing peopleware to enhance productivity and motivation of hitherto paralyzed IT units.

In the last 25 years RISE has supported and solved IT problems of a large variety of companies and public institutions by excellent development and consulting services, and – if appropriate – by outstanding applied research and development. Strategies and architectures of RISE are sustainable, state-of-the-art, integrative and cost-effective. Due to its very special human resources, RISE has the professional range and depth to deliver as the big names in the IT did 15 years ago. The latter find it increasingly difficult because they are not able to offer the luminaries and doyens of the branch the work culture they need and seek. IT specialists are loyal problem solvers who take their responsibilities very seriously. These exceptionally innovative and technically outstanding human resources remain where they are sincerely respected and where the problems of their customers are taken seriously and mean significantly more than one digit in the overall budget plan.- RISE offers a authentic home for these specialists.