One Day Workshop On MBot -13-11-2018

There’s No Boundaries to Your Imagination

Come and meet mBot, a friendly entry-level robot for every student! Unleash their imagination and make mBot come alive with simple drag and drop programming blocks. Upgrade the fun and explore more ways to play with add-on packs. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a great inventor!

Drag-and-drop Blocks to Develop Your Program

Coding has become a new modern day language to express ideas, inspiring children’s originality, while helping develop logical thinking. Our programming software is made up of colorful and modularized drag and drop graphical blocks. Children can now feel accomplished when they are able to easily program the mBot without writing difficult codes and language.

Placement Training In Campus For EEE, CIVIL, MECH In Association With “Quantech Origin”( 1&2/11/2018).

Embedded system(IOT) workshop Report – Phase I- 5th to 7th October 2018- CLICK HERE


APPSDC IOT Workshop: Students of IV EEE Department have participate in the 3 Days Workshop on APPSDC on Internet of Things.

VYUHA 2018:11th&12th-Oct


         Second Placement Drive @ SSE-09-10-2018


Second In-campus Placement Drive: Sanskrithi always pleases by helping and being supportive to the students of SGI. Indeed its our second best thing to get Incampus placement drive today for the students of MECH, CIVIL, CSE, EEE and ECE. Wishing good luck and Best wishes for the students.

Movie Promotions @ SSE 09-10-2018


Movie Promotions: Tollywood movie 🎥 “Veera Bhogha Vasantha Rayalu” in our SGI campus by the VBVR Team. Had some quiz on movies and our students won prizes. Had lot of fun in this program, they had a Trailer too for our students.

First Placement Drive @ SSE: 26-09-2018


Sanskrithi School of Engineering is glad to announce its first placement drive in the Engineering Campus. We are pleased to inform our students about this placement drive. We also make sure there are many such companies in the process which are visiting our campus for the In-Campus Placement Drive.

We welcome “ARMENTUM” – a US Based company, to be our first drive. Best wishes to our dear students of ECE, EEE, and CSE

National Service Scheme (NSS) Celebrations:24-09-2018


SGI – NSS Team Cordially invites you all to celebrate ‘NSS Day’ themed as “Youth for Nation, Swatch Bharath and Social Harmony” on Monday, 24th September 2018 at Beedupalli Village – Puttaparthy

” Break the Code “: 15-09-2018

Most talented and Enthusiastic Staff in the Computer Science Department in Sanskrithi School of Engineering is conducting a National Competition named as ” Break the Code ” to bring out the coding skills of students.

Industrial Visit: Srisailam Dam and Power House: 31-08-2018


Today IV year Civil students Visited srisailam dam and power house to know the process of how water flow converted into power.


Project history


The Srisailam project began in 1960, initially as a power project. After several delays, the main dam was finally completed twenty years later in 1980 July 26. In the meantime the project was converted into a multipurpose facility with a generating capacity of 770 megawatts (1,030,000 hp) by its second stage which was completed in 1987. The dam is to provide water for an estimated 2,000 square kilometres (770 sq mi). Under the right bank branch canal 790 square kilometres (310 sq mi) in Kurnool and Kadapa districts will have assured irrigation. From the initial modest estimate of ₹384.7 million for a power project the total cost of the multipurpose project was estimated to cross ₹10 billion in its enlarged form. The dam has alone cost ₹4.04 billion together with the installation of four generating sets of 110 MW each. The right bank branch canal is estimated to cost ₹4.49 billion and the initial investment of ₹1.4 billionhas been provided by the World Bank. The projected cost-benefit ratio of the project has been worked out at 1:1.91 at 10% interest on capital outlay.. In 1998 a coffer dam was over topped by flooding. The power house required repairs and did not generate power for a year. On 2 October 2009, Srisailam dam experienced a record inflow which threatened the dam.

Power generation optimization

At present the initial inflows into Srisailam reservoir are stored excessively without using for power generation. The flood water fills the remaining empty Srisailam reservoir quickly and most of the flood water overflows into downstream Nagarjunasagar reservoir without being used for power generation. The endeavor shall be to fill the Nagarjunasagar reservoir fully with the uniform water released through the power generating units.

Industrial Visit by REDBACK IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd:15-08-2018


Students of IV CSE Department had visited the REDBACK IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd Company as part of their projects in this final year which is located in Vellore – Tamil Nadu.

Swatch Bharath- Walk with Nature:11-08-2018                                             


”God made you, God made me.

God made trees, God made leaves.

God says: please take care of these..”

It’s always fun to help and be with our green friends as they help to keep our environment clean, in purifying air and giving us oxygen to survive.

Students of final year ECE and CIVIL Departments planned to conduct the Swatch Bharath and Walk with Nature campaign in near by Puttaparthi location – Amagundepalyam. Students should always be part of nature along with their academics. Such activities make them to re-energize with the nature. Faculties are also joining the hands of our students to make this event fruitful.

Way back to many years, we had Gurukula System. Now in this modern world, our students would like to taste the essence of the same just for one day to remember those beautiful moments.

Executive Summary of the Report:

  1. Find the visuals in the Photo Album
  2. 04 Faculty Coordinators and 85 Engg. Students have participated in this event.
  3. Location: Amagundepalyam Trekking – Walk with Nature (35 KMS away from campus)

Findings and Suggestions:

The emphasis is not on finding out names or identifying things as one might do on a ‘nature walk’. We find that we must develop the tenacity and patience needed to simply watch nature. Sometimes children are accustomed to the fast paced changes and excitement that nature shows on television can provide. But they soon learn that nature really has its own rhythm and takes time to unfold its movement; it is not an entertainment but more the reward of diligent observation and sustained interest.

After moving to our campus at Puttaparthi, the walks have become even more intense and relevant. They have helped us look at learning and attention in a direct sense. The duration of the walk is from three hours and a half. For a little while, we sit quietly watching the sunset on our own. For some students, this can be quite difficult — though they are silent, their hands remain restless! Even these students do have their quiet moments, when they are touched by the magic happening around them. We reach a beautiful and interesting spot, and spend a long time exploring and climbing. On these occasions, there isn’t necessarily a focus on being quiet. These walks have also helped us get to know our neighbours more closely. Initially, none of the villagers could comprehend our strange and purposeless walks! Over time, we have become a regular fixture in the village surroundings. The students spend a long time playing with and fondling the cattle and their young. We watch and understand the rhythm of the farmers’ lives, and we eat the crops they grow — rice, pulses and fruits.

Team Members: (Faculty Coordinators)

Mr. Anil Kumar TN

Ms. Tanuja

Ms. Keerthi

Mr. Prasananjeya Reddy